Brad Jasper, freelance product developer

Brad Jasper

Hello — I'm Brad, an entrepreneur building software to help you be more creative and independent.

Currently, I'm building a product studio for creative professionals. is a new content network that lets anyone earn money from their interests, built on top of the Bitcoin SV blockchain.


RemoteHabits is a website that helps you work remotely, from getting a job to finding clients, to building positive habits and a routine—it interviews people working remotely all around the world and tells their stories.


Focus is a Mac app that helps you steal back your productivity by blocking distracting apps. It's received over 50,000 downloads and been featured on popular sites like ProductHunt and Lifehacker.

Catch Notes

Catch is a Mac app to capture ideas in 5 seconds and send them anywhere (like Basecamp, Evernote, Trello, Asana, etc...) so you can stay productive, stay creative and stay in flow.

Open Source

Hummingbird — A Real-time Bitcoin Application Framework

Pew Pew — A Bitcoin transaction shooter

Open Directory — Earn money by organizing the world

ImmortalSV — Save a snapshot of a website on the blockchain forever

RadialMenu — Custom animated iOS control

Subtle Patterns Bookmarklet — Quickly try background patterns on your website


DomainGroovy — Find a great domain name

Perfect Pitch Piano — Learn to play piano by ear

MacTips — Learn to use the Mac like a pro

BlogCatalog — One of the largest blogging communities on the Internet

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