Brad Jasper

Hello! My name is

Brad Jasper

—I run a software business in Portland, OR.

Here are some of the things I've built:

Focus is a Mac app that helps you steal back your productivity by blocking distracting apps. It's received over 25,000 downloads and been featured on popular sites like ProductHunt and Lifehacker. Read the case study.

Perfect Pitch Piano is a music game for iOS that helps you train your ear. It's like Simon Says: it plays a melody and you play it back. It's been featured in the App Store, has a 5-star rating and has been downloaded over 250k times.

BlogCatalog is the largest blog directory in the world. It ranked in Alexa's top 500 US websites and provided hundreds of thousands of blog owners a way to gain traffic and grow their audiences. I sold BlogCatalog and no longer own it.

DomainGroovy is a website to help you in your quest for the perfect domain. It's a directory that organizes and rates dozens of domain name tools.

SubtlePatterns bookmarklet is an open-source Javascript widget that helps you quickly select a background for your website.